Invest Your Internet Marketing Time On Important Tasks Like Article Writing


Everyone is guilty of the following when they first discover internet marketing.

You write a few articles and then you get to fiddling with WordPress.

Then you discover widgets.

How cool!

And you end up spending your time like this:

You look at your site, flipping from the home page back to the first article you wrote, and then you click on the category page, and back to the home page, and you are thinking “so this is what people are seeing when they visit my website.”

And of course you are fascinated by the idea that people are actually looking at this thing that is now YOUR website.

We all go through this, every internet marketer is guilty of this phenomenon to at least some degree.

I just want to make sure that the newcomer who is about to catch the whole “could I really make money online bug?” is properly warned against what a time waster this whole cycle is.

First of all:

Nobody cares.

Hard to believe, I know, but in all reality, nobody really cares how pretty your website is, or how well you’ve integrated the ads, or how incredibly useful your widgets are.

I have a fairly large website and it gets several thousand visits per day and lots of people interact and leave comments and visit regularly and you know what? None of them care! Not a single website visitor has ever said a single thing to me about how nice the new theme looks, or how useful the new navigation bar is, or any of that stuff. Nobody cares. I’m serious, I have been fiddling with my theme and wasting time for 4 years straight, and they just don’t care.

But the really sad part is that when you are only getting a small trickle of visitors every day, you sort of cling to this false hope that maybe, someday, somebody actually will care.

Nope. They won’t. Get over it.

Get over it now and just leave your theme alone for a while. I hate to say it but it needs to be said: “Get back to work!”

Here, I will solve the whole thing for everyone right now:

You can play with your WordPress theme and your widgets on holidays. Period. End of story. If it is a holiday, you have my permission to play with your theme.

If it’s not a holiday, you only have 3 acceptable actions in the world of internet marketing:

1) Create a list of keywords.
2) Publish articles.
3) Promote your websites.

Now pick one of those 3 things, and go make some money online!

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