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Facebook marketing | Gobuddy2 | Lesson 1

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Facebook Marketing: Starting an Online Business

The newest trend in the internet today is joining one of the many social networking websites. Here, you will be able to keep in touch with your old friends as well as your relatives and you will also be able to make new friends as well as meet new people. With social networking websites, you will see that it will make the world a smaller place.

One social networking website that is so popular among many people from all over the world is Facebook. In this website, you will be able to post your pictures, discuss your interests and hobbies as well as do other great things.

In the past, Facebook was restricted to Harvard College students. In time, it expanded to other schools and universities until it became available for everyone above the age of 13 from different parts of the world.

Presently, the Facebook website now has more than 62 million active users worldwide.

Now, if you have an online business, you will see that Facebook can significantly help you promote your website and your business. Facebook marketing is now one of the hottest trends among online entrepreneurs today. Just think about it, with over 62 million active users worldwide, you will definitely have a lot of potential clients to do business with.

Because of the amount of people joining Facebook, a lot of online business owners are now joining this social networking website in order to market their products or services. With Facebook, you will definitely be able to effectively market your website.

The great thing about Facebook today is that anyone will now be able to join it. Whether you are a college student or you are an entrepreneur looking for a niche market, Facebook is the place that you should go to.

In fact, Facebook is now very popular that it is now investing a lot of money for advertising in order to attract more people to join. With this kind of benefit, you will see the potential on what your business can have.

Facebook as well as other social networking websites are now just beginning to see its full potential.

Today, you will see that Facebook has now launched its Facebook Ads system that will allow you and other fellow business owners to formally advertise your products and services. You have to consider the fact that people are three to five times more likely buy a particular product if their friends recommend it. If you advertise in Facebook, you will be able to increase your sales.

Facebook is now very popular that it now contains ads for big corporations, such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola and other companies.

So, if you are thinking about marketing online for your business and you want to increase your company's sales, then you may want to try out Facebook. Here, you will be able to increase the advertising potential for your company. Also, you will be able to reach out to more people as well as get a niche market for your products and services.

So, if you think that online advertising or marketing is not working for you, you might want to try out marketing on Facebook. Here, you will be able to see how effective marketing is by using this one of a kind social networking website and you will be able to increase your sales.


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Internet marketing how to article

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Great information on establishing a successful internet marketing business. Plenty of helpful steps with thorough information.

Internet marketing is not only for promoting a website but also includes all the online activities like directory submission , article submission, SMO, PPC, etc that are useful for marketing the business over the internet. Now-a-days, internet marketing is a very useful technique to enhance the business and increase the website’s traffic also.

internet marketing

In today’s world, every business has a website to show customers what goods and services they are offering. So, to increase number of clients for your business, to enhance brand of company and offered products and bring more people to the website, Internet marketing is a very important aspect. Before promoting your website, you need to design an effective website which should have an easy access with good information and navigation. It is most important that if customer comes to the website they can easily find the required information and product details.

There are three basic types of Internet marketing strategies are used in today’s world. These are:

1. PPC (Pay Per Click): As name suggests, pay per click depends upon the service providers so that when someone clicks on your advertisement’s link, you will have to pay your cost per click each time. It increases the traffic to your website.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): It is a technique by which you can customize elements of your website to improve search engine raking and get more traffic on your website. Both on page and off page optimization should be done so your website can compete for good ranking in search engines with your competitors.

3. SMM (Social Media Marketing): It’s all about promoting your websites, products and services on social networking sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.

Some important tips for successful internet marketing Strategy are:

1. For successful internet marketing, your website should be top ranked in all major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask. In today’s world, more than 70% of online clients come to the website through search engines hence, for better ranking the website should be search engine optimized.

2. Email Marketing is also a good technique to let people know about the products and services that you are offering on web. Offshore software development companies with new websites specially should go ahead with email marketing to make their presence on web. In email marketing, email template and the way of conveying the product and service information is most important.

3. For dominating marketing niche on web, you should run good affiliate, reseller and associate programs. As these programs attract most of the customers on web and persuades them to join your service as affiliation service is good for both the service provider and customer.

4. You can also hire an internet marketing consultant or coach who can analyze your web site and online marketing strategies. If there will be any need for improvement they will guide you. There are some software development companies which provide SEO services. Through networking, you can find more clients for consulting and professional business services.

5. You should submit new articles related to your business in good article directories. By reading these articles people will also come to know about your services and will definitely have a look to your site.

6. Marketing your business in social networks is most important as people all over the world are connected via social networks like facebook, twitter, Linkedin etc. so that good amount of traffic can be generated from these social networks.

7. At last always run a blog related to your business where you can interact with the people and let them know what services and products are coming from your side for them.

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Everyone is guilty of the following when they first discover internet marketing.

You write a few articles and then you get to fiddling with WordPress.

Then you discover widgets.

How cool!

And you end up spending your time like this:

You look at your site, flipping from the home page back to the first article you wrote, and then you click on the category page, and back to the home page, and you are thinking “so this is what people are seeing when they visit my website.”

And of course you are fascinated by the idea that people are actually looking at this thing that is now YOUR website.

We all go through this, every internet marketer is guilty of this phenomenon to at least some degree.

I just want to make sure that the newcomer who is about to catch the whole “could I really make money online bug?” is properly warned against what a time waster this whole cycle is.

First of all:

Nobody cares.

Hard to believe, I know, but in all reality, nobody really cares how pretty your website is, or how well you’ve integrated the ads, or how incredibly useful your widgets are.

I have a fairly large website and it gets several thousand visits per day and lots of people interact and leave comments and visit regularly and you know what? None of them care! Not a single website visitor has ever said a single thing to me about how nice the new theme looks, or how useful the new navigation bar is, or any of that stuff. Nobody cares. I’m serious, I have been fiddling with my theme and wasting time for 4 years straight, and they just don’t care.

But the really sad part is that when you are only getting a small trickle of visitors every day, you sort of cling to this false hope that maybe, someday, somebody actually will care.

Nope. They won’t. Get over it.

Get over it now and just leave your theme alone for a while. I hate to say it but it needs to be said: “Get back to work!”

Here, I will solve the whole thing for everyone right now:

You can play with your WordPress theme and your widgets on holidays. Period. End of story. If it is a holiday, you have my permission to play with your theme.

If it’s not a holiday, you only have 3 acceptable actions in the world of internet marketing:

1) Create a list of keywords.
2) Publish articles.
3) Promote your websites.

Now pick one of those 3 things, and go make some money online!

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