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In this video I’m going to explain to you why you should get a mobile website and why now would be the best time to do it. They reckon there are approximately 124 billion websites on the internet today and that works out at about eighteen websites for every man, woman, and child on the planet. However, if we look at mobile websites, like the one on the left there, there’s only about ten million of those, which instead of having eighteen websites each, that means 680 of us have to share the same mobile website. In other words, demand is way outstripping supply when it comes to mobile websites.

So let me take you back through time and show you how mobile has grown:

  • By 2002, there were more mobile phones than fixed landlines.
    • In the same year, more people were sending SMS text messages than were using e-mail.
  • 2005, there were more music phones sold than MP3 players, including iPods.
    • And by 2005 we saw the first TV phones launched.

And to give you some idea of our love for the mobile, there are currently 4.6 billion mobile phone subscriptions capered with to 1.6 billion TVs, 1.2 billion computers, and 920 million cars on the road.

And if we continue our stroll through history:

  • By 2007, mobile phones became the first gadget to sell more than one billion units in the year.
  • 2008, more people are actually accessing the internet on their mobile phone than on PC.
    • In the same year, more smart phones were sold than all the PCs, laptops, net book, and all the other computers combined.
    • And in 2009, mobile data revenues exceeded total internet revenues, meaning all the business done online.

And to give you some idea of the explosive growth in mobile and especially in smart phones sales, you can see the annual sales here, year on year, is increasing at a rate of about 50%. And by smart phones, we’re talking about the iPhone, the blackberry, and the android and symbian based phones. And in the second quarter of 2010, meaning April-June, there were 326 million smart phones sold. So the explosive growth continues.

Mobile is indeed changing the world. It’s the fastest growing trillion dollar industry in history. According to Google, one-in-three searches from smart phones are for local businesses like yours. Three times as many people use messaging on their mobile phone than from their computer. See what I mean?  20% of all mobile phones sold are now smart phones. 29% of the population are now accessing the internet solely from their mobile phone and that’s the section represented by the dark blue there. 53% of us access the internet via PC and our mobile phone, that’s the light blue section there. So the two combine, the two blue sections combined come to 82% of us who access the internet from a mobile phone. But it’s currently the big brands who are winning the race to get us to look at them on our phones. Why should you miss out?

So what’s the message? The message is to get mobilized. There’s a massive opportunity out there for those companies who are willing to take the initiative and get themselves a mobile website. And it doesn’t matter if your customers are looking for you on a local basis, whether their looking through the organic listings, whether their looking through the paid pay per click, add words listings, or even via video. If you’ve got a mobile website, it’s going to put you way ahead of your competition.