The Mobile Website Marketing Revolution | Redefine Your Business by Going Mobile


The Mobile Website Marketing Revolution:
Redefine Your Business by Going Mobile


Mobile is the next wave in marketing innovation, providing businesses with real-time communication to over 5 billion subscriptions worldwide. There is no more personal computer than a mobile device. 50% of all local searches are performed on mobile devices and many mobile web users are mobile only, rarely using a PC to access the web. By 2013 mobile is said to overtake the PC as the first screen for all web access. Will you be there to reach your customers?

2011 brought 347% growth in mobile on Twitter, 200 million mobile Facebook users, 5 million FourSquare users, and 100 million YouTube videos viewed on mobile devices every day. 48% of consumers use their mobile devices to look up products or promotions. Consumers are 51% more likely to purchase from a retailer that has a mobile website and 73% of businesses are planning an investment in mobile in 2011. Are you?

Mobile is global. Mobile is any time. Mobile is anywhere. And mobile is always on. Join the conversation. Create the conversation. Grow your business. Davanti Digital Media.
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