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When you need to know what your competition is up to this is the tool to have. Know all of your competitors footprints and dominate a market with the information you find. Check it when investigating your next SEO tactic.



CROYDON, Pa., Sep 26, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — SEMrush — the most powerful keyword research tool on the market – now has over 200,000 subscribers.

This milestone is a testament to the fact that SEMrush is the most useful competitive intelligence tool available to SEO & SEM professionals. With SEMrush, anyone who runs a website for profit can access invaluable data needed to: better optimize sites; gain insight into what and how well competitors are doing; and increase traffic, revenue, and market share.

SEMrush is the only tool of its kind scraping over 88 million Google SERPs a month for the most popular organic and paid keywords. SEMrush generates easy to follow charts and reports for each keyword, phrase, or domain a user queries.

The SEOquake Team, the people behind remarkable SEO/SEM products including the SEOquake toolbar, SEMrush, and WhoRush, know that the ever-increasing popularity of our suite of products is a tribute to them being so well regarded. All are consistently touted as being invaluable resources for all who make their living through an online market.

The SEOquake Toolbar is a free, SEO extension tool that, to date, over 2,000,000 webmasters have downloaded. The SEOquake Toolbar enables users to investigate customizable SEO parameters on the fly.

WHOrush provides a map of web assets. WhoRush analyzes and compares more than 150 million domains to find their hidden relations – identifying websites linked to the same owner based on site "fingerprints." This reveals invaluable, yet often obscure information relevant to a domain or competitor's actual reach, hidden webmaster projects, related niches, and more.

With several new products slated for release, we are excited for the future of SEOquake and anticipate great things as we continue to expand the scope of our suite of products, branch out into new cooperative partnership ventures, and grow our expansive, international client-base.

Even as we mark this eminent event, hundreds of new subscribers from around the world are registering for SEMrush service. Soon enough, we intend to be celebrating our 300,000th subscription.

To that end, the entire SEOquake Team would like to sincerely thank all of our users for helping us achieve this notable milestone. We know that your loyalty and unsolicited promotion of our products has made reaching this landmark possible.

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