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There are many simple Internet marketing strategies for insurance agents online that are not only effective, but easier on the pocket. Here are a few of these simple steps to get yourself in front of your prospects and turning them into policy holders.

Insurance agents, something I was for nearly a decade, have spent most of their lead generation through purchasing offline advertising and or, leads from their General Managers. By the time I became successful online I was paying out nearly $700 dollars a month for leads that I still had to work hard to turn into a sale. Not too mention the travel costs and the ongoing cost of not selling every lead I received.

So let us look at some of the simple strategies for generating specifically targeted and even local leads online. Some producers may think that this is all too confusing building and branding themselves online, but this is hardly true at all. Actually, it is not only easier than you think, but also much more productive than purchasing the latest greatest lead generating replicated program so many of us see. (Learn More With The FREE Videos Here…)

It is true that more and more people are purchasing everything from shoes to insurance plans and policies online every day. So how are they finding some agents and not you, and how do you change that simple fact. You learn. Search Engine Optimization and all the other non-layman terms out there are the reasons for most in this industry to shy away from it, but here is what it truly is. SEO is simply understanding how the search engines look at and rank your content! That’s all, there is nothing else to it. Here is what GOOGLE looks at from what we do know;

LinksTitlesClean URLInteractionAnd Keyword Density of the Title

Getting yourself a hosted website or Blog is the best place to start, and one of the most user friendly is WordPress. This simple tool and the strategies that you can apply with it are phenomenal in creating FREE specifically targeted traffic. Content, Content and more content creation can take you from purchasing leads to a free flood of specifically targeted prospects.

Every day online people are asking the questions, they are looking for the answers that you, the insurance agent and producers have. Just look at the traffic results through the different keyword tools available for free. Your prospects, your audience is already here, they are just waiting for a real honest answer from you to find on the SERPS page. Is this expensive? NO. Between your e-mail marketing and the hosting package you choose, you could find yourself paying less than $30 dollars a month on your advertising online.

While PPC and other types of online marketing are promoted more often by many programs and opportunities online, organic search engine marketing results still have the best and most effective payout in lead generation. PPC and certain banner advertising strategies do have their place, especially when it comes to getting fast traffic to yourself and products, but let’s look at the others…

Video marketing, I believe, is the most effective search engine marketing tactic today. Why do I believe this? Because it worked for me! Video marketing online get’s you in front of your potential client the way many did door to door and through telling friends and family for so long. This particular strategy literally brands you to the potential policy holder. Here are some simple platforms and strategies to know:

online insurance agent branding 300x152 Free Training Videos Are Yours!


BloggingVideo MarketingKeyword Research and DensityArticle MarketingSocial BookmarkingLink BuildingContent CreationSocial Media and how it works!

It is simple to get started here, some of us just chose to use certain training programs to get going faster and, to tell you the truth, it worked. We got through the learning curve of how to get our presence up online, how to brand ourselves through content creation. After all was done and said, traffic just happened, it was just there once we got in front of it.

These are some very simple and easy to use Internet marketing strategies for insurance agents and producers to use online. There is a learning curve, but it can be learned and in a very short period of time. Through the Web we can begin to trade a little time instead of money in generating our leads, it can be done, it has been done…

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